Breakout is a movement of ‘young adults’ walking in friendship with God and each other. In a culture that is so demanding and pressurizing to fit in, breakout literally goes against the grain in breaking stereotypes and not conforming.

We open our doors to anyone and everyone to come just as you are with the confidence of knowing that you will be accepted, valued and loved. There is no condemnation in Christ and there is nothing that the blood of Jesus can't forgive and no life that His love can't transform.

So, our vision is singular; it is to empower young people to ‘Live Life Large’. It is founded on the verse from John 10:10 which talks about the abundant life that Jesus came to bring. As a group we are driven by friendship, food, passion, purpose, creativity, cohesion, faith, hope and love. And together we're on a journey of understanding who we are (identity), discussing life as we know it (reality) and discovering a life with God (intimacy).

It is our desire to see young people on fire for Jesus, sold out for His kingdom, invested in its advancement, secure in their identity and fulfilling their purpose. If you are young and are tired of conforming then connect with us now and be a part of the move to BREAKOUT.