Sisterhood is the coming together of all women in Eden Springs irrespective of age, profession, status or profile. We join together under this banner because we recognize that we are first and foremost, a daughter of the King. It's from this place of identity that confidence and courage grips our hearts to step into our divine purpose.

Women uniting in purpose and vision are a force to reckon with. God has often used women in scripture as key players in His grand scheme of things, whether it has been ministry, worship, revelation or simply the bringing forth of promise. And in doing so, He has left us with the responsibility to follow likewise.

Women are not meant to be silent for Scripture says, in the last days God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh and His sons and DAUGHTERS will prophesy. And the Sisterhood group here at Eden Springs, is all geared up to be a part of this outpouring and to consequently be a mouthpiece for heaven. ngs, we would love to help you discover your purpose and provide you with the tools to be effective as a woman of God. We live, to see women from every generation ‘ARISE and take your RIGHTFUL place’ in His kingdom. Link arms and run together, build together, exhort each other, and be a part of the great story of God as it unfolds in the earth.