We are a family driven by passion to worship God in Spirit and in truth. We love God and His presence, and we try and make every effort to let those around us experience the wholeness of who He is. Music is one of the most beautiful gifts of God and we use it creatively to worship our Maker and to inspire others to do the same.

Our primary purpose is to impact generations with the essence of the heart of the Father and to birth a desire to love Him above all else.

During our services we often experience a powerful and tangible move of God as His Spirit breathes upon our Music. The ministry of music facilitates a move in the hearts of people sensitizing our spirits to God and enabling us to respond to the revelation of His goodness and glory. The music carries the weight of our responses which may vary from weeping, mourning, interceding, singing, clapping, dancing and shouting for joy, just to name a few.

All this has led us to realize the significance of an Encounter! It is this encounter that brings us back to the heart worship and how GOD desires it to be. An encounter with the Father is what keeps us eagerly expectant. We always look forward to sharing and celebrating God's love and our love for Him through music. Whenever we gather into His presence our desire and aim is this one thing;