Because He lives, I Live

My life is a testimony to the goodness and faithfulness of God. I am here today only because of His miraculous resurrection power in me. Jesus healed me of cancer. And it's because He lives, I am alive.

It started in May 2000, when a pain in my stomach forced me to go to the hospital. With 3 x-rays done and all the reports being clear, they asked me to do an ultrasound. This revealed a huge mass in my stomach and immediate surgery was advised.

To cut a long story short, I was operated upon and the surgeons removed a huge tumor, my spleen and part of my pancreas. After further investigation, I was diagnosed with cancer in the last stage.

This did not grip me with fear because I knew Jesus was with me and He wouldn't leave me nor forsake me because His word promises so. His presence was my anchor of hope. My course of treatment had to start with immediate effect, although it didn't guarantee a cure. I started with 12 weeks of drastic chemotherapy injections that were very painful and of a strong dosage and because of which, I lost all my hair and a lot of weight too.

In 6 months, as advised by the doctors, I had to undergo a second surgery to remove my left well-functioning kidney because of a high dose of radiation that could possibly affect and eventually kill the kidney.After the surgery, I took the radiation treatment for 15 consecutive days and was then prescribed with another 52 weeks of chemotherapy. Jesus was my only source of strength right through my treatment and my only hope, as hope was something the doctors had given up on. My mum faithfully stood with me and by me right through it all and I was covered in prayer by my family and a lot of friends.

To make things worse, the negligence of the doctors added to the complications when they gave me an extra dose of medicine that affected my heart. Once again, fear never got the better of me because I knew my life was in Jesus' hands.

After going through the wilderness of treatment, I had to do some tests and all the glory goes to Jesus alone, because every report came back clear. There were no signs or traces of this disease. In 3 months, they called me back for some higher tests and once again, because of Jesus, every report was clear.

My constant confession right through my illness was the truth of God's word from Isaiah 53:5 which says by Jesus' stripes, I am healed. And this promise isn't just for me but for anyone and everyone who simply believes. No matter what you're going through physically, emotionally or mentally, Jesus is the only one who can heal you. What He did for me, He promises to do for you, for He remains unchanging and true to His word.

I am now happily married with two handsome sons, which again, is completely contrary to the doctor’s verdict. But, Jesus doesn’t just heal, He makes us whole. And that’s the happily ever after to my story.

Try Jesus...He makes all things possible. In Him, hope comes alive. But the key to receiving is to simply ASK of Him. Because He lives, I live and you can live too.