“In The Right Company”...

When the Lord led me to Eden Springs on January 20th 2013, it was not meant to be a mere visit but a visitation of His grace upon my life. It was the day of The Mumbai Marathon, but for me, a day when I stopped running…and learnt to rest…in His everlasting arms! Till then I was running the wrong race…running after things, running for things and running away from things! But there’s someone who keeps track of us all the time. He ‘blows the whistle’ when necessary and stops us in our tracks!!

I realized that when the breaks are put, it’s not a breakdown of life, but rather a time to stand still! It’s in this stillness that I could find my breath…the breath that gave me life, and a perspective beyond life! I gathered that He who cares about the sparrow, counts me of much more value…and handles me with care! As I let go of the worries, I was set free! Amazingly, the song that the choir sang that day was a celebration of my status…“I am free!” Standing in the electrifying atmosphere of the heavenly strains, I felt my strain and pain ebb. As the new-found peace permeated my inner recesses, I realized that the symphony was not on the stage but in my soul, the music was not in the air but in my breath, melody was not in the song but in my heart, the rhythm was not in the tune but in my thought and the harmony was not in the beat but in the spirit. Love became my portion as joy became my overwhelming emotion!

It is an understatement to say that my life has changed since then. It was nothing short of a dramatic turn around. A turn that brought me face to face with God. I was facing the incredible truth that the Maker of Heaven and earth is my ‘very own’ Father and I belong to Him. I was ecstatic in the knowledge that He knew me by name from the foundation itself and regards me as the apple of his eye. I was delighted to know that He carved me in the palm of His hand and sings over me with joy. I am blessed to know that He chose me and came to die in my place. I had no doubt that every situation is ordained by Him, for our own good. Coming to Eden Springs was not an accident but a divine providence that opened the door to many blessings in my life. Eden Springs has given me two priceless gifts…a FRIEND and a family. I was introduced to the “lover of my soul”, my “Constant Companion” and my “Comforter” who in turn acquainted me with my loving Abba! I am blessed beyond words to move in the company of the abiding ‘family Friend.’ I wasted many years by overlooking this FRIEND for so long…A FRIEND who was always with me, but I was too pre-occupied to even notice. A FRIEND who has been so faithful that He took care of me all the time. A FRIEND who never gave up on me and who waited patiently for me for 40 years to turn to Him. Finally, when I was introduced to THIS loyal, loving, giving, forgiving and precious FRIEND, He became my life partner. Once I invited Him in, He set my house (spirit) on fire! My newly found FRIEND, Holy Spirit took me under His wings and taught me to soar! He washed me (Water Baptism), cleaned up my mess (pruned me) and dressed me up in all finery…for the ‘arrival’ of the Bridegroom!

Through the times, Holy Spirit revealed to me the mind, the heart and the face of God in Jesus, my Saviour. He was always ‘there’ for me, but now He is ‘here’ for me, near me and with me. From a distant God, Jesus became a personal God. Jesus was my all-in-all since the time I accepted Him as my Saviour at the age of 14, but I couldn’t see it all! I couldn’t see myself in the same frame of talking and walking together with Him! I was awakened to the beautiful reality that He is not someone who just answers prayers but who gives answers. From being puzzled hearing others say, “God said…”, I could now announce to the world with glee, “God told me!” It was now my turn to see people being perplexed!

Jokes apart, as we know, nothing can match up to the joy of hearing from the Lord. Among the most beautiful things Jesus told me, which I will savour till my last breath was when He whispered in my ear in the most placid and lucid voice, “I am with you always.” He finds every opportunity to remind me of His promise, without fail. Further, He gave me the highest honour by declaring that I am His daughter! He opened my eyes to many marvels that cannot be summed up in few lines. While being introduced to His majestic splendor, it has been a delight to discover myself through Him.

The second blessing I received from my association with Eden Springs is that I was ‘adopted’ into a huge and happy family. The church became my family, my support, my hang-out and the centre of my life. It became my new address! Suddenly I found myself moving in the company of the most beautiful friends. Like the alphabet song, every letter from A to Z is represented by a family member, multiplying my siblings (brothers and sisters in Christ) besides children! I was surrounded by the most pretty, witty and chatty crowd I ever had the good fortune to meet. I thank my Jesus for giving me this fabulous family who have not only stood by me at all times but actually spent time on their knees, making supplication for the salvation of every loved one. Family is that which shares not only the pains but also the prayers, with equal passion and compassion. And Eden Springs exemplifies the character and crux of the family.

When God opens the door, there can only be a deluge! The floodgates of joy opened and I was drowned in the overflow of blessings, drenched in His love, inundated with insights and soaked in many spirit-filled experiences that it seems like I am in a different world! It is indeed a different world from the world that we live, where joy overtakes the sorrows, where peace prevails over perils, where love transcends all barriers and hope holds out as the bright beacon of light, to guide us Home.

It is beyond my wildest imagination that the Lord could take notice of me, leave alone come down to be with me. I can only conclude with His Word, “many LORD, my God, are the wonderful works which you have done…they are more than can be numbered.” I thank You Lord for saving me and loving me with all of Your Being.

I often wonder…
who am I
a small fry
wary and shy
with nary an ally
Till came my Adonai
As His child to certify
Though I do not qualify
However much I try
Only one thing will justify
His Word tells me why
He came for me to die
There is only one reply
His will is to comply
As His love could not deny
The grace and mercy supply
Any limits, He will defy
To attend to my every cry
As nothing misses His eye
Not even my slightest sigh
Tenderly He took me nigh
into His arms raised high
There in peace forever I lie!